Recording Artist in Orlando

Chris Scalco is a singer, songwriter and producer based in Orlando, Florida. On his latest release “Love Over Fear,” Scalco blends the eccentric style and pop dynamics of the '90s boy band era with the ease and honesty of 2000s R&B. The self-produced EP discusses love, loss, and personal growth in a comforting and conversational tone that yearns for understanding.

“Fool,” the triumphant goodbye to an unappreciative lover, and “Not What I Want,” the boy band-inspired rejection anthem, are high-energy declarations of Scalco's independence. Driven by vocal percussion, the ballad "Ready" shows Scalco looking optimistically towards the future while embracing his fears and acknowledging his missteps. Scalco is perhaps most comfortable on the project’s most minimalistic production, “Beautiful Prison,” a neo soul-inspired look into his psyche and the role of his ego.

Love Over Fear has been called a “meticulously produced and effortlessly executed memoir of the millennial mind ... self-aware, bare and at times painful ... a tremendous growth from 2015's Word Is Bond."